About Us​

WarmShine confinement care was established in 2019, providing confinement care, postpartum and postpartum services and related services and has served more than 300 families so far.

We promise that we will continue to improve the facilities and services in all aspects of the confinement center, hoping to bring the most reassuring care and experience to mothers and babies.

We are also professional confinement center in Muar and Best Confinement Center in town.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top class service and attention to satisfy mothers’ confinement needs. We focuses on revitalizing, rejuvenating and restoring mothers’ health through a delicate and comprehensive confinement month while giving the best care to babies via a team a dedicated and committed personnel.

Why Choose Us

Choosing the Warmshine Confinement Centre can be beneficial because we offer specialized care during a ccrucial time in a mother’s and newborn’s life.